"You Can Make A Change" February 12, 2006 Press Release.


Author Delores Patterson Releases New Book to Help Others Live a Successful, Purposeful and Fulfilling Life

"You Can Make A Change" was written especially for those who are seeking clear, understandable answers as to why their lives have been unsuccessful and what they can do to change it.

Savannah, GA (PRWEB) February 12, 2006 -- Author Delores Patterson, in her new book “You Can Make A Change!”, will share some biblical truths that will help one make positive changes that could affect every area of his/her life.

This book has been carefully written as a guide to help one live a successful, purposeful and fulfilling life. "In the book 'You Can Make A Change,' I’ve mentioned some positive changes that I have had to make in my personal life," said Delores Patterson, author.

"I am truly pleased with this book because it offers suggestions to people who have been longing for positive changes in their lives," she said. "This book will challenge them to think about things that they have said or thought that has negatively affected their lives. It will point them in the right direction towards making the necessary changes so that they can live the God-kind of life."


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